Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Journey Back.

Hi everyone,well here I am at last,trying to do some cards,I bought a glue Gun,and i was trying it out yesterday,this is my effort which took hours,and I made a very big mess lol.
i took that long to find,some of my stash.I have not made a card for a year, because I was ill.
The first one is a embellishment ,I made at some stage,it is light gray,with a little bit of Lemon here and there,I put it on the card stock with the glue Gun.
the second  card not finished yet.It is my journey back to health from last Sept., to now.
the tiny butterfly,is my starting part ,my goal is the large  Butterfly is where I want to be.I think I am at no 4.
the die is from Sue Wilson's Butterfly collection.
The last one is just flowers,with my own embellishments.
Hope All is good with all my blog friends.
A big thanks to everyone who have sent me good wishes, and funny things,to make me smile.