Sunday, 2 November 2014

I begin again.

I started to begin my blog,for the second time since A few months ago,after becoming very ill on September 9th,2013,and as many of you know this,I was very near death.I am lucky I survived,but I am not living ,I am only expecting,still ill,and there has never a time on this journey,that I am well,several,times I am back in Hospital,for weeks on end.
I came home from Hospital this afternoon,exausted,My heart was broken this week,as my Daughter,her hubby,and their beautiful daughter,our only granddaughter Áine ,they live abroad,so time was short,they were in our home,and I was in the Hospital,so I could not see her,she is just 5 months old,they go back tomorrow.Aine was Christened yesterday,but I was not,I have cried lots of tears.
My bonus was,to get home,I kissed her ,cuddled her,I was fantastic,I get to see her again in the
Morning,then she is gone.
I promise all my blogs will not be sad.I have to do baby steps.get strong,start my cards,and other little projects,I have in my head.
I am at a very low ebb,and could do with,a bit of support,please
I will say goodbye,for to day.
I am not sure how to use Bolger anymore ?? But will try this.