Sunday, 2 November 2014

I begin again.

I started to begin my blog,for the second time since A few months ago,after becoming very ill on September 9th,2013,and as many of you know this,I was very near death.I am lucky I survived,but I am not living ,I am only expecting,still ill,and there has never a time on this journey,that I am well,several,times I am back in Hospital,for weeks on end.
I came home from Hospital this afternoon,exausted,My heart was broken this week,as my Daughter,her hubby,and their beautiful daughter,our only granddaughter Áine ,they live abroad,so time was short,they were in our home,and I was in the Hospital,so I could not see her,she is just 5 months old,they go back tomorrow.Aine was Christened yesterday,but I was not,I have cried lots of tears.
My bonus was,to get home,I kissed her ,cuddled her,I was fantastic,I get to see her again in the
Morning,then she is gone.
I promise all my blogs will not be sad.I have to do baby steps.get strong,start my cards,and other little projects,I have in my head.
I am at a very low ebb,and could do with,a bit of support,please
I will say goodbye,for to day.
I am not sure how to use Bolger anymore ?? But will try this.


  1. Dear Ita
    So sorry you have been back in hospital again and that you missed Aine's christening.
    Small steps Ita and you will get there chuck. We will all be here for you as you take those steps and it will be lovely to see you crafting again. Hopefully, it will be theraputic for you.
    You take care.
    Ang x

  2. Popped in to see if I can be of any help. Ang (Mrs Duck) said you needed help with Knitting.
    Will leave you to contact me.
    Small steps take your time.
    Sending you some (((((hugs))))) in hope they help.
    I feel for you with your family, especially your darling Granddaughter being to far away.

    Patricia x

  3. So sorry you have been bad again Ita.

    I do bits of knitting if I can help in any way just email. xxxx

  4. It's, again like the others i can maybe help with the knitting. My friend knits the little cardigans that I put into my baby gift baskets, she loves knitting and I am sure she would be happy to knit bigger sizes, leave a message on my blog if you want me to speak to her. So sorry you didn't get to much time with little one, but there will be other times, just take your time and get better. Hazel x

  5. It's if you care go into my blog and I have put on some photos of the little cardigan that my friend knits for my baskets, it let's you see her work, She likes knitting in 3&4 ply wool these are that bit thinner than double knit, but I am sure she would do those if needed. Hazel x

  6. Hello Ita I do get to see your comments on other people's blogs and am so sorry to hear/read about your illness and long stays in hospital Itcwas such a shame that you weren't able to go to your granddaughter's christening At least you got a cuddle As you've said - small steps I'm an avid knitter and make baby garments that if not "pinched" by my daughter for her friends I donate to Harefield Hosp where my son was a patient before he died I dabble in crochet too If there's anything I can do to help (can't tell from looking on blog on my tiny iPod) what sort of help you're after Again not sure how things work in this blog world you can try and reply here or get email address from John Lockwood or Mrs Duck Take care Ita xxx

  7. Hi Ita,
    I have knitted since before i was 3 flower so if i can help i surely will. I was knitty Norah at the school for the obvious reasons as it has always been my constant companion where ever i go.
    Any way my email address is haron, then the number thirteen, at bt internet dot com. Hope this makes sense as i don't want all their rubbish that the send when they get an email address, but i will gladly help if i can,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village) the daft yin from Sue's blog