Sunday, 23 August 2015

Outside the box

I have started working with lace,on my cards.I have lost of difference type,gifted to me by Fava of 4 ,Gail Flemming who is on y tube,have a look at the beautiful crafting.
I do not know if blogger has changed its format??.
My photos are to big,if anyone knows anything about this,I would love to hear from you.
The second card is of one of my husbands paintings.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lace my first attempt at lace and flowers.

Hi to all my blog friends and followers.I am trying to work outside my box,so this my finished card,made for a friend in the U.S.
I am happy with the result,but I know you will see the mistakes,
I have only 1% site in one eye,and 50 % in the other ,which is very very annoying when crafting.
Comments p,ease.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Bunnys and ShoesHi All

Hi everyone,I have no idea how this is going to work,after a year and a half,my brain is trying to work.
the photo is out of focus,but you might get an idea how it should be.
This is Aine my granddaughter,and I made the Canvas,for her for Christmas.
I is never too early to start a shoe collection. lol

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I begin again.

I started to begin my blog,for the second time since A few months ago,after becoming very ill on September 9th,2013,and as many of you know this,I was very near death.I am lucky I survived,but I am not living ,I am only expecting,still ill,and there has never a time on this journey,that I am well,several,times I am back in Hospital,for weeks on end.
I came home from Hospital this afternoon,exausted,My heart was broken this week,as my Daughter,her hubby,and their beautiful daughter,our only granddaughter Áine ,they live abroad,so time was short,they were in our home,and I was in the Hospital,so I could not see her,she is just 5 months old,they go back tomorrow.Aine was Christened yesterday,but I was not,I have cried lots of tears.
My bonus was,to get home,I kissed her ,cuddled her,I was fantastic,I get to see her again in the
Morning,then she is gone.
I promise all my blogs will not be sad.I have to do baby steps.get strong,start my cards,and other little projects,I have in my head.
I am at a very low ebb,and could do with,a bit of support,please
I will say goodbye,for to day.
I am not sure how to use Bolger anymore ?? But will try this.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Journey Back.

Hi everyone,well here I am at last,trying to do some cards,I bought a glue Gun,and i was trying it out yesterday,this is my effort which took hours,and I made a very big mess lol.
i took that long to find,some of my stash.I have not made a card for a year, because I was ill.
The first one is a embellishment ,I made at some stage,it is light gray,with a little bit of Lemon here and there,I put it on the card stock with the glue Gun.
the second  card not finished yet.It is my journey back to health from last Sept., to now.
the tiny butterfly,is my starting part ,my goal is the large  Butterfly is where I want to be.I think I am at no 4.
the die is from Sue Wilson's Butterfly collection.
The last one is just flowers,with my own embellishments.
Hope All is good with all my blog friends.
A big thanks to everyone who have sent me good wishes, and funny things,to make me smile.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Miracle Lady named Ita.

I have not blogged for so long that to night it took me for ever to find my way around,and I am still sure if I am on the right track.
It is 9 months since I was in hospital ,4 months of that in the Hospital ,I am making very slow progress,at times it gets to me. I am not back driving full time yet.I did drive with my hubby twice,and once on my own,and was a bridge to far,will talk about it later.
This week I made my first card ,and one of Sue Wilson 's paper Roses for me that was great,my energy is not great.and my memory is terrible ,and hope it will improve.
My main problem is I can not eat,I take protine drinks and they taste O.K
I forgot to take a photo of my card lol
I try to stay up beat and I have not lost my ability to laugh at events or things.
I would like to thank all of you who have sent me best wishes,here and on Facebook ,and all the lovely cards,it gave my family and I a great boost,as my Poor family were with me day and night when I was in the coma,I am so lucky to be alive.
Sending hugs
Will I be able to post this and will remember how tomorow lol