Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lace my first attempt at lace and flowers.

Hi to all my blog friends and followers.I am trying to work outside my box,so this my finished card,made for a friend in the U.S.
I am happy with the result,but I know you will see the mistakes,
I have only 1% site in one eye,and 50 % in the other ,which is very very annoying when crafting.
Comments p,ease.


  1. Ita, I think you have made a really good job of this, it looks gorgeous, xxx

  2. Ita Baby!
    Fab to have you back and my word, if this is what you do with limited sight. . . . . , well, I can't imagine that it could look any better if you had 20/20 vision. Its an absolute delight.
    I'm sure your friend will adore it.
    You take care.
    Ang x

  3. Your card is superb-stunning.


  4. It's stunning Ita No one would think that you had poor eyesight It's good to see you blogging Take care

  5. This is beautiful Ita and I'm sure your friend will adore it.
    I'm so sorry you have problems with your eyes but well done you for achieving this.
    Can your eyes be fixed?
    Take care.
    Love Val in Spain x