Friday, 30 August 2013

More Red and White and A Question on Blog Etiquette.

Good Afternoon every one in Blog land today another Red and White card,I just have to add the sentiment , yesterday and today's cards are for two friends  of mine who love Red and White..The Question about the  Etiquette is ,when some one leaves a    comment on your Blog do you add a reply???I think it is rude not to reply,but the question is, will the reply be seen by the person you are replying to??? and when you get a e.mail to say there is a comment  on your  Blog ,it is usually "no reply".I am very new to Blogging and all of you who know how it works I would love to see what your advices is.
It is a case of "To Do or Not to Do" that is the Question ( Sorry Shakespeare)
Thank you for visiting .


  1. Hi Ita, generally what happens (and what I was told to do) was not to answer any questions on your blog as unless someone constantly goes back to the same page they will never see your answers. That is why if you put on your blog at the comments section, if anyone has an email address you will answer them directly, that way you know that people do get to see your answers. I suppose it is entirely up to you though, I do know that a lot of people who visit my blog have said (when I asked them) that they don't go back to the same page again or go back to see whether or not I leave a comment, as I generally always email them individually. Hugs, Jen xx
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  2. What a different card today Ita, similar to the other one but the embellishment put in a different manner. Lovely. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  3. Hi Ita
    As Jennifer says, in my experience, replies are not notified to the person you are replying to on your blog but if someone replies to you on your blog, you will get an email. If anyone asks me anything, I tend to just reply on my next blog post. You're not being rude at all chuck.
    Another contemporary creation today with one of your lovely embellishments.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  4. Hello Ita
    I have not got a blog , i just hop around looking at everyone elses and pinching their ideas lol ,

    I must say i really like this card ,your embellishments are stunning .

    Elaine H x

  5. Love this card it has class the way you have laid it out I prefer it to the other one!

    Have a great weekend!
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  6. Hi Ita. I so love your embellishments and today it fits in so well with the layered card.
    Love Val x

  7. I rather like the fact that the butterfly the other day and your lovely handmade embellishments are 'reached' by your step effect card. Thankyou for sharing Ita.
    Happy what is left of today
    Maggie x

  8. Love the red and white combo and your perfect layers! I must say that is a really stunning embellishment!!
    I usually reply directly to the person or if I get the same question a lot I will show how to do it in a future blog post.
    Have a fantastic day my friend!!

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  10. I've always been a fan of red and white so I really like your card.

    You pose an interesting question. As Jennifer has indicated, it is generally a waste of time to reply to people's comments right in your post. The majority of people will not be back to check out the same post and you are basically replying to no one. We all do it as we start out until we realize the scope of how things work.

    Now it sounds like you have your comments sent to your email account. If you want to reply to people's comments, the best approach is to reply to email's when there is an address to do so. In the beginning, if it was a comment-no-reply, I used to go as far as to seek out the person's blog and search for their email address or leave a comment on one of their posts to thank them for stopping by. I've had to stop this for the most part due to the time involved but if it is a really inspiring or moving comment I will still take the time to do so.

    If people have a specific question, the odds are they will either subscribe by email to get new comments or will return to see if you answered; so you can chance answering a person's question directly in replying to their comment in your post in these circumstances. Of course if they do have it set up so you can reply to their email address, that is usually the best approach.

    While it is polite to reply when you can, most people don't expect a reply to general comments that they leave. You will find that as time goes by, and you gain more and more followers, it will be impossible to reply to everyone who leaves a comment even if you can reply directly through your email.

    I hope that this helps you out in some small way. There is a bit of a learning curve related to proper etiquette as it relates to hosting a blog. Good luck in figuring it all out. If you ever have any other specific questions that I might be able to assist you with, do not hesitate to ask.

    Lisa D.